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RC Sailboats Buyer Guide - UPDATED

Good buyers guide. It contains everything you need to get started from scratch - Bernhard, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

RC Sailboat Buyers Guide eBookRC Sailboat Buyers Guide

Many people, maybe including you, visit this website to work out which type of boat you are going to buy. The buyers guide was created to help you make a great choice. It is also of value to any who may already own one of the featured models and want to get more out of it.

It covers boats such as Legend, Monsoon, Ocean racer / Sailor, Phantom, Focus, Dragon Force, Explorer, Turnigy 610 and many others.

Also includes advice on radio gear, batteries, chargers and a whole lot more.

At over 80 pages with awesome photos so you really get a feel for each one.

We look at deck configurations, size, weight, transportability, storability, and how they sail against each other.

The price is super-cheap too so you can get a taste of what our eBooks are like. The best value is to buy the complete collection.

Buy your Buyers Guide now for just US$6.99


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