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Advanced Techniques, Modifications and Repairs

I have found the ShipShape RC book to be extremely informative and well presented. - Ian - Largs Bay

Advanced modifications repairs and techniques ebook bookAdvanced techniques, modifications and repairs

When you realise that your hobby has become a passion (some people might use the term ‘obsession’) you will find this book packed with loads of serious modifications and tips. The first section called ‘What else can go wrong?’ covers most of the things that may happen when you are sailing. It explores coping with everything from a sail sheet breaking, rudder slipping and even a flat transmitter battery. Some proven techniques that can get your boat safely and easily back to shore.

The advanced modifications and repairs section has all sorts of how to’s for rebuilding your components that have failed and can be replaced with better options. You will find how-to's on chainplates, bowsies, and winch servos replacement, to name just a few. There are also cool tools and rigs for back in your shed, like the winch testing rig and hull dryer unit.

Oh and if you think the boat on the cover is sinking - well wait till you read the real story inside!

Good suggestions for modifications - Customer feedback

Admit you are an RC Sailboat addict and buy your Advanced Techniques, Modifications and Repairs eBook now for just US$6.99


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