Getting the most out of your Chinese-made budget radio controlled sailboat.

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Are you looking for all the information on how to select, build, tweak and maintain your model RC sailboat?

You need look no further to find the best information on RC Sailboats in one spot. I sure would have loved a series of books with all this information when we started, however I could not find anything.

I like the simple easy to follow ideas in the e book - customer feedback

Extract from the supplied instruction book

Even the instructions that came with the sailboat were written in typical ‘Chinglish’ and as we found out the hard way, it leaves some really important sections out.

You need to figure out some important things in RC sailing. Which boat is right for you? What things do you really need to do so if all else fails, you won’t lose the boat? What sort of maintenance will need to be done? How do you rig it? How do you transport and store it? Why won’t it sail as you expect? All valid concerns, all real questions and all are covered in this eBook series!

I found the informations that are missing from HK. the book exactly deals with the problems that most HK customers typically have. great value - Bernhard Germany


This website originally started out as a way to share our discoveries so others could build better boats and avoid our mistakes. The forum now has so many thousands of posts and the information is spread out in so many jumbled ways, even we have trouble finding our own information.

The solution – write an eBook series from scratch, including:

  • Loads of big beautiful colour photos, many with annotations to make it really clear
  • Written in a logical and easy to read manner
  • Model comparisons in photos, specifications and actual sailing performance
  • Plenty of step-by-step construction guides
  • Optional upgrades for while you are constructing your sailboat
  • Maintaining the boat
  • How to make repairs
  • Advanced modifications for when you get really serious (or want to impress your friends)
  • How to set up temporary course markers and race with your friends
  • A concise and yet very important sailing guide that will teach many existing RC skippers a thing or two
  • A guide for your first sailing session
  • What to do as things go wrong, such as how to get your boat back of the sheet/s break, the winch fouls, rudder slips – even how to control it back when your battery pack has run out of power
  • Current and updated for the latest discoveries and practices - Now in it's 5th release version!

What's more I offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee (click here for the fine print).

It placed the needed info in a concise and well organized book. I did not have to wade through pages of forums - Survey comment

It took my Dad and I years to figure this stuff out. We have built over 20 sailboats – 7 were for the writing of these books. We have sunk 2 (found one with a scuba diving crew – seriously) and rebuilt many components, often improving the design. Prices are in US Dollars.

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The Complete Collection contains ALL the eBooks

While writing these books we kept adding more and more sections to them.  The complete collection is so much bigger than originally planned – over 140 pages with more than 125 photos, diagrams and tables. Don’t worry. You won’t need to start out doing all these upgrades and modifications. In fact the eBook clearly shows which parts are essential and which are optional upgrades, even in the building steps.

You can purchase individual books as you progress with the hobby – and it is quite addictive. Best value is investing in the complete collection. Reading through the book will give you some great ideas of how to have even more fun, success, and involve your friends and family.  We often have 3 generations out sailing, enjoying sunshine and fresh air.

So if you are just investigating this hobby, a new enthusiast or a long time skipper, you are going to love these eBooks – they were written with you in mind.

Get your copy today.

The individual books total $24.96. The combined Complete Collection is just $19.99.

Today's Special $24.96 $19.99 US$14.99 That's about $5 off the collection price and 40% off the individual price!


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