Getting the most out of your Chinese-made budget radio controlled sailboat.

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How do I join the forum?

The forum is a great area to learn about what other people are doing, share ideas and get input.  Most of the forum sections content (including images) are visible to the public however to get full access including writing privileges you need to have purchased at least one of the eBooks. The email with the link to download your eBook also asks you to reply to that email with your preferred username and password.

So why do we have it that only eBook purchasers get full access? Well there are a few reasons for this:

  • Most people who are active on the forum buy the book anyway.
  • We get a lot of the same basic questions over and over that are covered in much more detail in the books than you would get as response on the forum.
  • Having the books means forum members have access to a similar level of knowledge.
  • We were getting a large (HUGE) ratio of robot sign ups posting junk, this stops that. It got so bad I was spending an hour or 2 many days cleaning the stuff and bogus users off the system.
  • The forum setup, moderation and maintenance are primarily funded by eBook sales.
  • You can still read much of the content anyway as a visitor.


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