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Welcome to

Sailor and Monsoon hard at it

ShipShapeRC is dedicated to the setting up, enhancement, repair and efficient operation of your mid-budget Chinese made radio controlled (r.c.) sailboat.

We focus on the mid-budget range of Chinese made sailboats. There are some below what we cover that are, well, simply toys. On the other side are similar size boats that will cost 5-10 times price.  The sailboats we work with are a heap of fun, easy to enhance, and far better value for money!

Please note that availability of some models are sometimes restricted, depending of the region you buy in and who is handling the sales of. Please bear in mind that overall the same buying criteria should apply to any others not covered, in the same price range.

My father and I had our first RC sailboat in the 1980s. Since 2009 there has been intensive construction and modification of 25 more boats (Shunbo, Joysway, Laser, Custom and motorised recovery boats). I am pleased to offer you the series of eBooks that help distill our experience.  You will learn everything you need to know to start and keep yourself going in this rewarding hobby.

In a recent poll of the previous 100 purchasers of the eBooks, the responses showed a 100% Satisfaction with their purchase! Look for quotes from the feedback on various pages.

The eBooks are laid out for you in a clear, methodical manner.  Designed for all experience levels you will enjoy the large assortment of photographs, tables and diagrams.  Many edited and annotated for your further ease of use. The complete collection has way over 130 photos. No risk to you with my 60 day money back guarantee!

This is a very good guide; it is well written and easy to understand. In short, this guide will save a lot of internet searching for information on the Chinese boats thus making the set-up and sailing a more enjoyable experience for the novice modeller. - Donn, Seychelles

While the series is aimed primarily at the five Shunbo models (Monsoon, Phantom, Legend, Ocean Racer / Sailor and Surmount) it does have a wide interest level for model sailboating in general.

Now in its 4th release version, the series caters for everyone, from those doing preliminary research in a pre-purchase phase, to new owners trying to put theirs together, and existing owners who enjoy the racing, sailing theory, advanced modifications and repairs. Our support forum for our customers is there to provide ongoing, user orientated help.

FANTASTIC,well writen and very informative - captngrinell

The Complete ShipShapeRC Collection contains all 4 other books, is the best value and is bound to satisfy your hobbyist needs. I even offer a 60 day money back guarantee and host a free forum where you can continue with member discussions and even put your own ideas forward.

It placed the needed info in a concise and well organized book.  I did not have to wade through pages of forums... - Robert Steuer

Buy the eBooks, join the forum and share the fun. I'd love to have you aboard.

Mike Fields

Bendigo, Australia



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